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I should have known
it would catch up to me,

all the things I did
without a pause,
enjoying movement
without any pain,

smiling and humming
as I did the chores,
then enjoying some time
in the great outdoors.

It was so good to
feel normal again,
to wake with the birds,
ready for day’s begin.


I should have known…

never leaves;
it hibernates, as
in a deep freeze,

then awakens
like an angry bear,
disturbed by forces
outside its lair.

So for today, I’ll
declare a truce,
embrace the peace
without excuse.

Maybe next time….

Well, probably not.

Just suffice it to say,
we’re friends,
of a special kind,
to the very end.

Phyllis Moorman

*photo courtesy http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/