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I remember when I was young,
you seemed so very large.
As a small girl, it seemed like
such a long way when you
bent down and picked me up.

I thought you must be the
strongest man in the country
as I watched you work, handing
you tools, helping, learning
solid work ethics, day after day.

I held my heart in my throat as
I watched inclement weather
threaten your entire year, yet
your fortitude is how I now
survive adversities in my life.

I remember advice you gave, in
such a subtle way, as we drove
around the farm. I only wish I
could have such opportunity as
I give guidance to my family.

But most of all, I respect the
way you’ve aged, the way you’ve
overcome countless challenges,
accepting your time of life with
grace, and an occasional chuckle or two.

God bless you on this, your 84th birthday.


Your Daughter