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I tried to ignore it; I said
it couldn’t happen to me;
surely there’s some mistake,
I’m as healthy as can be.

I’m merely getting older,
my muscles just need worked,
and creaking joints are natural
when you’re ’bout as old as me.

But, symptoms started stacking,
and just like children’s blocks,
when too many are unsteady,
reality comes crashing down.

For me, it’s Fibromyalgia,
maybe yours has a different name;
but our life altering prognoses
bring changes just the same.

Sometimes I’m the energy bunny,
you’d never know I’m sick,
but the next day I’m a turtle,
paced slowly or retreatingly.

I never will be returning to
what people knew as me,
but with positive affirmation,
I’m creating a better me.