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Tasting Summer’s Pleasures
   By Absorbing Nature’s Bounties

Tongues innocently lick the mixture of
dripping perspiration mixed with melting
coconut-scented sunscreen as it
careens down sun-drenched faces,
making its way over cheekbones into the
curves of the corners of the mouth.

Subconsciously, hands rise to rub scented pollens
from scratchy eyes and irritated noses, recognizing
too late that instead the mouth inhaled the sensuous
smells of fresh mowed lawns and fragrant roses.
Tastes of nature course through the body as the
nose identifies the delectable aromas of summer.

Mouths water as soaked wood chips mix with lit
charcoal briquettes, flames giving rise to a distinct
smoky flavor reminiscent of last summer’s bountiful
outdoor barbecue parties–grill-marked burgers,
chips, dips, relishes, homemade ice cream–
pleasing to palates of all ages, including the family dog.