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A child holds your hand, and
before she knows it, she’s
caught up in the steps and
doesn’t realize you’ve let go, so
easily she goes forward on her own.

And before you know it, she’s on a
bicycle, swaying, weaving,
caught up in the forward motion,
determined to ride without training wheels,
evidently unaware when you let go.

And it seems only too quickly, she gives up
bicycling, her third or fourth by now,
caring only to get behind the wheel,
driving with you as her instructor,
each lesson a little easier than the last.

From day one, you were there with her,
growing closer day by day,
her trust of you so complete.
It only seems natural,
judging by her successes, that you
know you’ve been there for her, and that you
love and trust her enough to let her go.


This is an acrostic variation about trust. The first three stanzas begin in succession, a-e; the last stanza’s format is f-l. The assignment also suggested internal rhymes. I played some with full rhyme, slant rhyme, assonance, and alliteration. What a fun challenge.