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park with bridge

Landscape Trends for 21st Century

Landscape design trends: developing, changing,
being improved, reconstituted, restructured;

Be it bigger parks in cities or
pocket parks in neighborhoods;

beautification within communities co-exist
with healthy exercising venues in golden ways.

Smaller garden designs minimize space, like
rooftop, container, and vertical gardening.

Even exclusive cycling routes circle cities–
no carbon dioxide or congestion here.

From functional to artistic,
solar panels to sculptures, it’s all available.

But older is sometimes better, like preserving
national parks and significant private estates.

These, and other sustainable goals–
dreams of 21st Century landscape architects.


Today’s poetry challenge was a found poem (using small bites of information from an article or perhaps many sources). The topic was landscapes using enumeratio (a sort of listing) as the poetic device. Credit for the topic goes to Landscape Architects Network and their article, “7 Top Landscape Architecture Trends of the 21st Century,” found on http://landarchs.com. I employed alliteration (repetition of the same sounds or the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words) to carry the point within stanzas.