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You may think me a blended breed

of pig, kangaroo, and bear;

but I’m really quite unique,

the last of the species breed.


I’m not that small of stature,

but my strength is in my toes;

I’ll dig and burrow deep

in search of my favorite prey.


I knock their houses down

but unlike the famous wolf,

I don’t announce I’m coming

and I don’t huff and puff.


I don’t hunt for food in daytime,

the light hurts my tiny eyes;

besides, they’d see my coming

and scatter different ways


My palate is quite selective,

and presentation is key

I like my termites sub-style,

affixed to my foot-long tongue.


I’m not usually this social

nor verbose as I am tonight,

so I’ll quit ere I get tongue-tied,

for that would ruin my life!




I read a poetry challenge to write on a subject starting with letter ‘A’ and write in negation.   Being April Fool’s Day, I couldn’t resist having a little fun with it.