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Lady in Waiting


The mail-order bride catalog
said my wait was nearly over;
my station in life could be found
just around the corner. Which,
of course, I took literally and believed.

I thought it meant I was
to wait for you by the train station,
the one near my house. But…..

I’ve stood, waiting endlessly, for you to come.
I won’t vacate my post; I don’t want to miss you.

I hold my head high, hat perched slightly askew, and
watch as my threads are scorched by the sun and
dehydration turns my bones inside out.
Should I give up on you?

Prideful, I know I can’t have been wrong;
You just took a wrong turn. You’ll be here soon.
With fortitude of steel, I straighten my back,
and wait some more.


Lafayette, CO has impressive Cultural Arts and annually displays sculptures throughout town.  This particular one was begging for this poem!

Artist: Victoria Ross Patti
Arvada, CO
Location: 211 N. Public Road; Mojo Coffee
Materials: Steel
Price: $3,800