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I followed two-forked tracks
As they skimmed o’er the snow,

And thought, oh what fun
they must have had last night.

I lost the trail
as I neared the house–

what could’ve happened
as I lay sound asleep?

Therein lies the most wondrous surprise,
For right before my very eyes,

As I looked up at the roof’s crusty freeze,
I saw it was broken by cloven hoofs.

Now, it’s said on a very special night,
a sleighful of goodies arrives by flight
filled with candy treats and bazillions of toys
for all the good little girls and boys…

Yet there’s only adults
at this particular house,
Why were they there?
Did I even care?

*****. *****

Days have now passed since
I found the trail, but I’m beginning to see
why he stopped by my way. He left

not a package, but the present he gave
was sharing the secret of spirit with me.

“Be present,” he said,
“enjoy every day,
include friends and family
along the way.”

I now smile with the spirit dwelling within,
I feel blessed he chose me to visit this year,

and yes,
if anyone sees the tracks on my roof,
I’ll tell them the story of cloven hoofs.