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Night’s tranquility Lies in abeyance as day rushes in.

An Uncertain Spring

The wind whips at my window, leaves slapping and crushing against the screen. Rain and sleet strike through to the glass-paned barrier with unfettered force. Is the weather voicing its control, or just saying, “The season is a-changing?” Calendars noted Spring a month ago, but by whose authority? Meteorology professes there are four seasons with…

Snow White Whistles with the Birds

There are seven of them, whistling, so pert and happy while I lie in bed, yawning and sleepy (maybe even a little grumpy) at being awakened so early. Muddled and dopey from sleep, I shuffle to the bathroom and bashfully look in the mirror at my snow white image. I splash cold water on my…

Looking for Spring

I saw it peek through the crusty earth; I caught a glimpse glistening on a rock; And the breezy freshness, Ahh! But, I fear since it’s April First, ’twas just a tease.


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Hi, I’m Phyllis, an author and artist. I have written poetry most of my life and started blogging several years ago. Most of my poetry is upbeat and brings a positive spin to life.