I sit idly against the tree trunk, enjoying
nature as she surrounds me
with her ever changing beauty.
Her motherly attention is evident as I
nestle against the old cottonwood tree, its
trunk curved to fit my back, its limbs extended
as if arms meant to encircle me in shade and comfort.

From above, I hear
A sweet melody fill the air as
Two robins tweet their love for each other.
Engrossed in one another, they miss the
Rotating movement of the owl, protecting
Her young, emitting only an occasional hoot.

Beside me, I hear
Lizards slither, their shuffle not quite muffled,
Crickets chirp, forewarning of their movement, and
Grasshoppers springing with near silence.
Obviously wanting to know what’s going on,
A skittish rabbit emerges from the rustling underbrush,
Pausing briefly for my viewing pleasure.

It’s as if Mother Nature is performing for me in
full panoramic splendor with surround sound,
ever so clear.