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The most athletic were always
chosen as team captains,
so naturally, physical education
teachers never picked me.

I had high hopes, though,
that the captain would pick me first.
I held my head high with pride,
focusing until she caught my eye.
I just knew if she saw my enthusiasm,
she’d for sure pick me right away.

Had we connected? She’d looked
right at me (or so I thought).
Then she called on her best friend
to be by her side.

That’s okay. BFF’s should
be on the same team.

Now, though. Now she’ll pick me.
And she looked right at me…
and called someone else.

Okay. I get it.
She just didn’t want it to look like
she was playing favorites by picking me next.

Third? Fourth? My hopes faded and
I began to slump. Head downcast,
feet nervously shuffling the dry dirt,
I waited what seemed like forever
before I heard my name.

As I sauntered to our bench,
I heard the team captain call out
one more name. Could it possibly be!

I looked up to discover that, indeed,
My BFF and I would be sharing the bench.

It doesn’t matter if you’re first, middle or last chosen;
every position has an upside.

BFF: youngish slang for Best Friends Forever